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A brief introduction to Mongolian hair and extension made from this hair type

A brief introduction to Mongolian hair and extension made from this hair type

Wearing a hair extension is the best way to change your hairstyle. And fashion and style conscious women can easily find extensions matching with their needs and pocket. A wide range of choice in hair extensions is available in the market.

Mongolian hair is the best as it is a perfect balance between Indian and Chinese hair. But some experts
tedshairs say that it is cross between Chinese and Malaysian hair. It is the most exotic hair available in market but it isn’t rare. You can easily find an extension made of hair from Mongolia at affordable price. Also you can buy the extension that suits to your style and pocket most. But you need some education on this specific hair type before you buy a Mongolian extension.

It is thinner than Chinese and also less softer than Malaysian. It can be called soft and shiny and it comes in a wide range of attractive colors but most colors are light. You won’t find dark black or dark tan in Mongolian tresses. It is a fine quality hair that you can maintain in a hassle free manner. Mongolian extensions come in long and wavy styles as the locks can easily be styled in different styles.

Source of hair is very important to determine its quality. Virgin Mongolian hair comes from poor women who sell their locks for money. But some women donate their beautiful locks for personal, religious or professional reasons. Raw material also comes from saloons but most of the times, saloon droppings are avoided as they
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Extension makers make sure that they get quality products. Virgin hair is like natural hair. Its color, properties, functionality keep it alive. Wearing virgin hair extension has many advantages. It not only matches well with user’s locks but also it is medically safe. Extension makers make sure that they get healthy hair.

How to find a Mongolian extension?

The biggest challenge before an extension buyer is of recognizing the right product. Since most buyers are unaware about the process of determining quality of hair extensions, they end up buying cheap products. Mongolian hair can be recognized from its light color, thinness and shine. It is light in weight as well as in color but it shines brightly. On touching the extension, the hair strands will be seen moving in one direction.